Fishing Kayaks for Rent or Sale

Video Link: Fishing with Native Watercraft Kayaks and Florida Panther Jeremy Shockey

image of kayak in kayak well ready to go fishingAt BrassWind Landing we have a Native Watercraft Ultimate Angler fish catching machine for rent for your fishing pleasure. Get out there in this easy to navigate, stable kayak. Some of the best Bash Fishing is out on the Indian River Spreads at the Southern end of Mullet Lake on the Inland Waterway in Michigan. Watch for picture from our customer Ben’s trip when he caught a 3 1/2 pound Bass! Posting the bass picture soon.

This kayak angler kit turned this Native Watercraft Ultimate Series Kayak into a fish-catching machine. Contains everything but the rod and reel. (2) Flush mount rod holders w/ bottom cap, (1)? or Fly Rod or Reel Rod Holder, (1) 1.5 lb. anchor with 30ft of line, (1) 4″ Cleat, (1) Anchor Trolley system, and all mounting hardware.? The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak comes with an anchor trolley system that allows you to slide the trolley up or down the length of your boat for 360-degree rotation. The anchor line is set so you move the anchor line along the side of the boat keeping your kayak facing just they way you like it with relationship to the wind.

A tunnel hull design uses pontoon-like runners along the bottom to increase stability, and an anchor, rope, and mesh bag give you the basics for staying put. Attach the rod holder mount to your deck or dashboard (rod holder and hardware not included), adjust the seat and foot braces, and paddle toward the fish. Enjoy a morning or afternoon of fishing. Rental $45. Purchase available.

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