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Kayak Bike Biathlon 2013 Boat Rentals

At BrassWind Landing we rent kayaks for the Indian River Kayak Bike Biathlon which is coming up Sunday, July 21st. The Biathlon Starts at DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake. During the Biathlon the Indian River is closed. We do not run Indian River trips during that time. Sturgeon River trips are by appointment only on the Day of the Biathlon.

Some people make reservations way in advance so I have 1 or 2 Paluski Spirit kayaks left for rental. Our 12.5, 13.5 and 14.5 Liquid Logic and Native Watercraft Inuits are all reserved and pre-paid. The rental fee for the race is $25. In exchange we ask that you wear one of our BrassWind Landing T-Shirts during the awards ceremony and pose for a photo with our kayaks and the other racers who rented with us please. You get to keep the T-Shirt. Last year in 2012 we had 3 Winners with trophies and Joan Rogers, who purchased a fiberglass kayak by Peregrine – Made in Michigan – took over 10 seconds off her time from the year before.? She would have placed had she paddled with her age group! All in all it is a fabulous race to watch or participate in.

I would suggest,? if you know you may want to race the following year, you please let us know this year and leave contact information with us so that we can call you to confirm in the Spring. That way those who have raced with us before get first dibs on the boats.