Kayak Derby on Ice

1st Annual Winterfest Kayak Race

Where: Winterfest 2013 in Indian River, Michigan.? BrassWind Landing sponsored? a Kayak Derby on Ice on Saturday at 5PM – just after the Firefighter’s broom ball tournament.


How the Kayak Derby is Run

3 Participants – 1 person? in the kayak at all times. 1 person on the bow helping to steer and possibly pull. 1 person on the stern pushing.

Race is from one end of the Cooperation Ice Rink to the other. Whoever gets their first wins first place, followed by 2nd place etc…

kayak-ice-derby-winterfest - image
Race Day Winterfest 2013. The Indian River Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Team is getting their technique down.


Kayaks On Ice Derby
Test Run week prior to the race. Photo by Scott Swanson – The Resorter


The Derby Rules

The kayak needs to remain on the ice at all times (You may NOT pick up the kayak or either end up so NOT LIKE Lincoln, Sheree and Crystal did in the test run? IN THE SMALL PICTURE – we did not have ice that day and it was the only way we could get the boat to go. See the big picture with the Team from Indian River Physical Therapy for the proper kayak and team placement. Check out the 2013 You Tube Video embedded above or click here to visit our the BrassWind Landing Tube Channel)
Please be careful out there, Wear knee pads if you have them!
3. NO cleats or spikes on your boots. This is suppose to be a silly race, where it is hard to control the kayak.
4. You may tie ropes on either end so that you do not have to bend over to push or pull.
5. You may take a paddle with you if it makes you feel better 🙂

The Derby Trophy

Half of a white bladed kayak paddle. Names of Winning Team to be written on the Paddle each year. Kayak paddle will be on display at BrassWind Landing and or the Indian River Chamber of Commerce all year.

Small wooden Kayak silhouette “trophies” for participating members in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.