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LED Night SUP Lighted Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure

Enjoy the Indian River at Night With a SUP Torch Lighted Paddle Adventure

Discover the beauty of stand up paddling at night. The beach at Burt Lake is awesome, and the Indian River has such beautiful clear water, with a mostly sandy bottom, that makes it a joy to paddle on. No time to paddle because you work during the day? You can try one on a guided night time stand up paddle board trip with us? for $50 per person.? If you love the experience we have the lighted Torch SUP Paddles for sale.

Have you ever shined a flash light into the river at night to see the fish and other aquatic features? We can go one better! Take a guided stand up paddle board adventure using a lighted paddle an unlock a view of the fish, plants and rocks at night. The Suns rays interfere with our ability to see all we might want to see under water during the day.

The lights keep you safe and let you explore the Indian River section of the Inland Waterway from a different perspective. Enjoy how peaceful the Indian River can be when all the power boats have been docked for the night!

$50 per person includes SUP rental, Torch LED Lighted Paddle, PFD and PaddleFit Level 2 Certified SUP Coach Instructor, Sheree Lincoln.

Where: Start at DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake

When: Wednesday Nights at sunset with other days by special request.? This LED Lighted SUP Adventure is available by reservation only. Currently limited to 3 people (we will be expanding the number of paddles available based on popularity.? Plan on a two hour span of time from sign in, getting on the water and back. We paddle for about 1 hour depending on the group. Please ask about meet up time when making your reservation.

Cost: ?$50 per person.

Pre-register and Pre-Pay at BrassWind Landing 6240 Mack Ave., Indian River, MI.

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