Stand Up Paddleboards ~ SUP On the Inland Waterway

Get Ready Indian River Michigan! The Stand Up Paddle Boards are coming!.


Arts and Adventure Paddlesports at BrassWind Landing has been renting and selling Stand-Up-Paddleboards (SUP) in their paddlesports showroom and in their Northern Michigan rental program for four years! To see more of the paddleboards for sale visit our Paddleboard Page here. Visit our Rental Page by clicking here for paddleboard rental rates and for more videos visit our BrassWind Landing Videos page and the BrassWind BoatWorks YouTube Channel here where you can scan through our YouTube Video Playlists to see river kayaks, sea kayaks, fishing kayaks, paddleboard videos Inland Waterway and Sturgeon River and Indian River Trip videos and more!

We carry Pau Hana Surf Company paddleboards, Dolsey Surf Company stand up paddleboards for sale and rent. We also have Liquid Logic and Native Watercraft Versa Boards for fishing in our boat rental program.

The Inland Waterway is great place for paddleboards. you can try them on Lake Michigan, Burt Lake, Mullett Lake along with the local Rivers.