Winter Kayaking

Winter River Trips

We are available to help your arrange winter kayaking trips in Northern Michigan on both the Sturgeon River and the Indian River – Inland Waterway. ?We will rent our kayaks out during the winter months, ice permitting, to serious and experiences ?paddle-sports kayaking enthusiasts with the proper dry gear or wetsuits or combination of both. Your winter gear must include neoprene booties or boots. ?What we have personally experiences when kayaking in the winter in Northern Michigan is that if you feet get cold you get even more cold and much faster!

Please call Sheree on her Google Voice number which rings to her cell at 231-268-0103 if you are interested in making an appointment for winter paddling or email us for more information. We are often at BrassWind Landing in the offices located on the West side of our building towards Burt Lake. We also try to be open on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm for your browsing pleasure however as many of you know most of the stores in Indian River close for the winter season. On some days so do we so let us just say we are open by chance or by appointment!